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His Majesty
His Majesty cover

HENRY WILLIAMS is just finishing his first year of college. Rather than spend the summer lying to his parents, he gathers the courage to tell his mother and step-father he’s gay. It goes as badly as expected. Disappointed, but not surprised, Henry takes refuge in his favorite bookstore and finds a book that transports him to a world he never thought possible. 


LYSANDER has just inherited his father’s kingdom, much to his brother Maxim's dismay, but Sander has little interest in anything as mundane as ruling over a country. He’d much rather dedicate himself to other pursuits, such as drinking and copulating with the human slaves who’ve completed the Labyrinth Trials and proven themselves worthy of bedding the goblin aristocracy. When Maxim asks Sander to approve a new slave, Sander’s patience is already worn thin…until he sees Henry. 


Henry finds himself in a magical world where humans are at the bottom of the food chain and he’s somehow caught the eye of the Goblin King himself, making him the most hated person in the kingdom to both humans and goblins alike. He doesn’t understand their customs, their games, or why they all dress like they’re living during the French Revolution. He wants no part of it or them, no matter how drawn he is to Sander or how much he craves his touch. 


Sander is willing to take on his entire kingdom if it means bending Henry to his will. With every session, Henry loses himself more and more to Sander’s touch, but what Sander didn’t anticipate is wanting more than just Henry’s body and his submission. He couldn’t ever have expected wanting his heart, and it may cost him his kingdom…or Henry’s life.


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