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Satisfying is a novella in the Elite Protection Services series.

Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone.

Please note: This listing is for the e-book edition.


  • Forced Proximity
  • Winter Romance
  • Short Story
  • Virgin
  • Age Gap
  • Learning to Love


"Do you want to help me put the ho in holiday?"

That’s the line a drunken Jacob Shaw utters to the hottest Santa he’s ever seen. It’s also the only thing he remembers of the night that led to him waking up half naked in a revealing elf costume next to an equally half-naked Santa.

Killian Connolly is a loner. Even with his tight-knit work family, he tends to stick to the fringe of the group. So, when he wakes up next to a tiny, furious half-dressed elf, who accuses him of taking his virginity and cheating on a spouse he doesn’t have, Connolly is both bewitched and confused.

A snow-storm, a marriage neither remember, and an attraction too powerful to resist all lead to the hottest, sweetest, twenty-four hours of both of their lives. Can a drunken mistake between a virgin and a two-time divorcee be the happily-ever-after neither saw coming?


Jacob Shaw cracked an eye open, instantly regretting it as a ray of sunlight seared into his retina, jumpstarting all of his senses seemingly at once. His head felt like a broken egg, his eyeballs like sandpaper. He peeled his tongue from the roof of his mouth, shivering as goosebumps broke out along his skin at the very obvious breeze across his backside. It was freezing, wherever he was. 

Holding out a hand to hopefully block the sun, he tried to open his swollen eyes once more and frowned as he realized he was looking at a black booted foot and red velvet pants lined with white fur. Dread and confusion pooling in his belly, he allowed his gaze to crawl higher, eyes widening when he saw the waistband of the pants caught around thick thighs covered with dark hair and attached to an equally furry, very muscular butt. 

The bear of a man inhaled deeply, letting out a loud snore, before burrowing deeper into the pillow. 

“Oh, my…stars,” Jacob whispered, biting his lip, feeling like a pervert for staring at the man without his consent. He leaned up onto his elbow and looked down at himself. “Oh…no.” 

What the frick was he wearing? He wore a short lycra green shirt that exposed more than it covered and had gold buttons painted on it. He supposed it could have been an elf-like costume if it was a costume made for a small child? His whole abdomen was exposed right down to the red and green colored…underwear? Except, there was no back to them; his butt was as exposed as Santa’s. He had red and green socks that stopped just above his thighs, but he had no shoes. 

Frick. Frick. Frick. What was he supposed to do with socks, half a shirt and underwear that only covered his front? He rolled off the bed and hit the floor like he was taking cover, but mostly, he was just hoping the rest of his clothing might be on the floor. Unfortunately, the only thing on the floor was Santa’s jacket and his other boot. Crap. He picked up the huge leather boot, running a finger over it. It looked like a work boot, definitely not just for costume purposes. The toes were scuffed and the tread caked with mud. Mud. Outside. He had to get home. 

He crawled to the window, unable to hide his disappointed sigh. It was a white-out. Snow covered the windows, and the red pickup truck parked out front was buried past the doors. He slowly looked back at the huge half-naked man slumbering in what Jacob could only assume was the man’s own bed. Was Jacob supposed to wake him? Was this a one night stand situation? Had they had sex? Did he lose his virginity to…a guy dressed as Santa? Had Jacob worn this for him? He had to admit, he’d expected his first time to be less…kinky. But, at his age, he supposed he should just be grateful somebody had finally just done the deed. 

Jacob may have grown up in a cult, but he did know that there was a certain etiquette to one night stands. He’d seen movies. He’d never imagined he’d be living in one, especially not one that felt like it started like a dirty adult movie, but that didn’t change his circumstances. He needed to know how he got there so he could start figuring out how to leave. He collapsed against the wall below the window and watched the man’s back rise and fall with his deep snores. 

He was sexy. Definitely older than Jacob…by a lot. But not Santa old. His hair was a dark chestnut, and it stood up all around his head like a baby bird. He had creases at his forehead and at the corners of his eyes, and his broad nose had a bump like it had been repeatedly broken, but that didn’t take away from the man’s looks. He had thick dark brows and full lips that were parted with sleep. Who was he?

Jacob pulled his knees up and balanced his elbows there, holding his broken head. What was the last thing he remembered? A party. Robby’s party. No, Elite’s Christmas party. Where Robby’s husband used to work. They’d been at a hotel…in Vegas. They’d had champagne, and there were so many people. He remembered Robby telling Jacob to slow down. But then nothing. Robby. His brother. He needed his brother. He looked around for anything that might be a phone, but there was nothing. 

That’s when he spotted it. It had to be Santa’s phone. It wasn’t Jacob’s, and it was plugged in dangerously close to the man’s head, not even on the table, just on the starched white sheets that made the man’s deep tan look like he glowed. How did anybody have a tan in the middle of December? Jacob took a deep breath and crept his way back to the king size bed, wincing when it made a creaking sound. Jacob’s hand was around the phone when Santa opened his hazel eyes and raised one thick brow. 


“Um, hi,” Jacob said, heart beating so fast he was almost certain it was trying to escape his chest, like a cartoon character. “I didn’t mean to wake you, but I can’t find my phone or the rest of my shirt or…the back of my underwear for that matter, and I’m not sure what we did or didn’t do last night, and honestly, I don’t want to know. I mean, I thought losing my virginity would be special or I’d at least remember some sign of it, but, hey, it’s just one more thing to check off my list, right? But anyway, I need to get out of here, so can you call an Uber or a taxi or whatever they have out here in the sticks?” Jacob knew he was babbling, but there was no stopping the words just vomiting out of him without slowing, especially when his gaze landed on the man’s left hand. “Oh, frick. You’re married? Oh, my…word.” As the man’s amused look became one of confusion, then anger, Jacob realized he may have made an error. “Listen, I’m not judging. I was there, too. I think? It doesn’t matter, really. We all make mistakes. Right? If you could just point me in the direction of my clothes and my phone, I’ll get out of here before your husband…or wife, I guess, comes home.” 

“I don’t have a husband…or a wife,” Santa said, rolling into a sitting position and digging his palm into his right eye. 

“You have a ring,” Jacob said, mouth flattening, as he glared at the ring in question. 

“So do you,” Santa retorted, staring pointedly at Jacob’s left hand. 

Jacob’s brows knitted together as his gaze fell to his left hand and the dainty silver band on his ring finger. “I’m definitely not married.” 

“Well, neither am I. Do you have a name?” the man asked, stretching muscular arms over his head and tilting his neck until it popped. Jacob looked away from the man’s soft cock laying against his thigh. He appeared to be the only one bothered by this. 

“Jacob… Jacob Shaw,” he managed. 

“You’re one of Robby’s brothers, right? Let me guess. The baby one. No, that can’t be right, he’d be barely seventeen. Oh, fuck, kid. You’re legal, aren’t you?” 

Jacob scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m his older brother. I’m twenty-six.” 

Once more, his brow fishhooked upward, his expression dubious. “You sure about that? I’m pretty sure I could fit you in my pocket.” He looked down at his pants tangled around his thighs before standing and adjusting them back into place. “If I had pockets.” 

“Do you have a name?” Jacob asked, still annoyed about the jab at his height. It was true that he wasn’t tall, barely five foot three, but this man was abnormally large, not super tall, but just large. 

“Connolly,” the man muttered. 

“Is that your first name or your last?” 

“Just Connolly.” 

“Do you remember what happened last night, just Connolly? Because I don’t remember anything after arriving at the Christmas party.” 

Connolly didn’t answer, just grunted and wandered from the bedroom, not seeming to care if Jacob followed or got left behind. Jacob marched to the rocking chair in the corner, snatching the maroon blanket and wrapping it around himself before following after Connolly. 

The cabin was small; there was just a sofa and a fireplace, a wooden table with two chairs, and a small kitchen where Connolly stood making coffee. When Jacob pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down, Connolly’s gaze snagged on the blanket wrapped around Jacob’s shoulders. “Be careful with that,” he grunted. “It was my daughter’s.” 

Was? Oh, God. “I’m sorry. I’ll put it back.” 

Jacob went to stand, but Connolly’s gaze pinned him in place. “I didn’t say you couldn’t use it. Just be careful with it.” 

Jacob gave a stilted nod, pulling it closer around him as if to show Connolly he understood the responsibility. They didn’t speak while Connolly made the coffee, and when it was finished, he watched as the man pulled a flask from behind a bread box and dumped what he could only assume was liquor in both the white mug and the delicate tea cup covered in blue flowers before handing it to Jacob. “I don’t drink coffee or liquor.” 

The man scoffed. “Drink it. It will help with your hangover.” 

“Is it that obvious?” Jacob asked, pushing his fingers through his reddish gold hair. 

“Are you sore?” he asked. 

“My head and my eyes are killing me,” Jacob said, taking a sip of the hot, bitter liquid. 

The man’s gaze fell to Jacob’s lap. “No, I mean…sore. You said something about losing your virginity.” 

“Oh.” Heat rushed to Jacob’s face all the way to the tips of his ears. “No. I feel fine.” 

“I’m ninety-nine percent sure we didn’t do anything last night. Trust me, if it was your first time, you’d be feeling it today. Besides, I didn’t see any condoms, and I always use condoms.” 

“Oh…that’s…that’s good, I guess.” 

Jacob wasn’t sure why he felt disappointed over still being a virgin. It wasn’t like he wanted to lose it in a drunken hookup with a guy he didn’t know and couldn’t remember. Connolly sipped his black coffee as he gazed out the window. “I hate to say it, but I don’t think you’re going anywhere any time soon, kid. This storm is just starting. I remember stocking up for it yesterday before I let Wyatt talk me into attending that idiotic Christmas party as Santa Claus.” 

Wyatt Hudson was a YouTuber and the husband of Lincoln, who was Jacob’s brother-in-law’s former boss. Wyatt was much younger than his husband. He and Jacob were the same age. “Wyatt is the reason you’re dressed up like a dirty Santa?” 

Connolly gave a long look at Jacob’s body, like he could see through the blanket. “I was wearing the costume Wyatt gave me. There’s no way that elf get-up was family friendly, and your nieces and nephews were at that party. So, you’re the dirty one, little elf.” 

“There’s no way I dressed myself like this,” Jacob assured him, pulling the blanket tighter. “I don’t even know where somebody would buy underwear with no butt in them. I don’t even understand why that’s a thing?” 

Connolly leaned against the counter and grinned. “You don’t?” 

“No. Like, what’s the point? Literally nothing is covered.” 

“Exactly, elf. Easy access.” 

“Easy access to wh—Oh!” Was it possible to die from humiliation? Why did he feel so stupid next to this stranger. “Oh, so, you’re saying I did this so you…so we…could… Oh, my word.” 

Connolly burst out laughing. “My word, indeed.” 

“You don’t have to make fun of me, you know?” Jacob said, sounding sulky to his own ears.

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