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Vengeful Bonds: Season One (Special Edition)

Vengeful Bonds: Season One (Special Edition)

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This book is the complete first season of an ongoing serial novel set in the omegaverse. It's structured as a series of interconnected episodes, weaving a larger story that unfolds over multiple seasons. Unlike traditional novels, this story ends on a cliffhanger to keep you eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Please note: This listing is for the special edition paperback.


  • Omegaverse
  • Polyamory
  • Fated Mates
  • MPreg
  • Touch Him and Die
  • Forced Proximity


In a world rigidly defined by secondary genders, a political storm brews, challenging the traditional Alpha-dominated order with progressive ideals. Amidst this upheaval, eight strangers unite against Cerberus, a corrupt power broker. Their mission, born from loss, forges an unexpected bond, transcending societal norms.

This diverse group includes Fen, a sharp-witted Omega hacker; Loch, the protective Alpha leader; Binnie, a charismatic Alpha political consultant; Saint, the former demolitions specialist who can no longer function in polite society and Ollie, the analytical Beta. Forced together by circumstance, they join Binnie in his secure residence for safety, bringing along Fen's roommates: Seth, an Omega interpreter, San, an Alpha artist, and Deacon, an unpresented makeup artist with a flair for the dramatic.

As they unravel Cerberus's sinister plots, they discover not just the hope of justice but also an unconventional love. Forming a formidable pack of four mated pairs, they challenge the very foundations of their world, redefining family and pack bonds in a society where loyalty and love are often confined by archaic norms.

Vengeful Bonds is more than just an Omegaverse tale of revenge; it's a journey of healing, self-discovery, and the forging of a polyamorous pack that challenges the very foundations of their world. Join them on this serialized adventure, where each episode unveils layers of intrigue, romance, and a bond that defies all odds.


Hey little deer, 

I never thought I’d be writing this type of fucking note, but if you’re reading this, I’m dead. Which totally sucks, not gonna lie. I know you’re mad. I promised I wouldn’t leave you on your own, but I guess I lied. I really thought I’d make it out. And I was so close to keeping my promise.

I’m sure Cerberus fed you some bullshit about me dying in the line of fire or maybe even said it was a training accident? That one’s pretty popular, too. Whatever they told you, don’t believe them. They’re full of shit. I died for what’s on this drive. The files contain everything you need to prove just how shady that company truly is. But be careful. These people think nothing of killing. 

Everyone is disposable to them. 

The encryption on these files is next level, Fenny. You’re going to have to use every single skill I ever taught you (and a few I didn’t) to crack it. It was the only way to guarantee the wrong people couldn’t read it. There are things on here that could get a lot of other people killed if it falls into the wrong hands. Don’t let that happen. 

Once you’ve opened the file, find Corbin Raider. No, not THAT Corbin Raider. His son, Binnie. He also works in Washington but is fighting against his father’s shitty political opinions on hierarchical pack structures. Don’t be scared. You can trust him. Show him these files and then tell him he’s going to need a team. And tell him to find Loch. He’ll know what to do. Don’t let him say no.

I know you’re going to want revenge. I would. But this is bigger than that. You need to see the big picture. What these people are doing is dangerous. You’re going to need my friends to help you stop them. And you have to stop them, Fenny. 

I love you, baby brother. Don’t forget that. 

Stay safe. You’re the last of us now. 


Tears streamed down Fenton Fletcher’s face, gut-wrenching sobs pouring from his lips like rushing water. He tried to keep his fist to his mouth to muffle the sounds but it was impossible. He was shredded, the pain so severe it almost felt like maybe he was having a heart attack. Unlocking Josh’s final message had unlocked all the grief he’d managed to stuff down over the last two weeks just to survive. And now, it was just erupting all over him at the worst possible time. 

He was at work. He couldn’t let his co-workers hear him falling apart like this. It was dangerous. He’d only been there eighteen months and he’d come in with the deck stacked against him. He was young—the youngest in his department. He was an omega—the only one in his department. He worked in intelligence and encryption, a field dominated by traditional alphas, all of them waiting for him to choke.

He never should have cracked the cipher at work. He’d been working on it at home each night with no luck. Josh had hidden his final message behind a cipher only cracked with a keyword, a word that only he and Josh would know. Fen had thought he knew his brother better than anyone, but hour after hour, night after night, every word he tried failed until he started to think he never knew Josh at all. 

But today, while sitting at his desk, eating his strawberry yogurt, the answer had struck him like a lightning bolt, stealing his breath and leaving him shaking with anticipation. The fucking answer had been staring him in the face all along.


Little deer. Little deer. 

Fen had known the term of endearment was a clue when the first paragraph of the letter wasn’t hidden behind the cipher. Josh wasn’t the type to give him nicknames. Fen thought Josh was telling him that the word was related to their childhood.

When they were kids, their father would make Josh go deer hunting with him out in the woods by this huge man-made lake an hour from their home. Fen went, too—not because their father wanted him there but because he was too little to leave alone and it would look bad to abandon an eight-year-old on his own for a week. And Jimmy Fletcher was always concerned about optics. Couldn’t have people thinking the police chief was prejudiced against his own omega son. Even if it was the truth. 

When Fen was older, his father still brought him along. Someone had to cook and clean. And it certainly wasn’t going to be the two alphas, no matter how badly Josh wanted to help. They both knew it would only make it worse in the long run. 

Their father had dragged them to the same cabin every year, a cabin that belonged to some old couple who had retired to Florida and rented it out for extra income. It had seemed like something to do with that place was the obvious key to the rest of the letter. 

At first, Fen had thought maybe the key was the name of the lake the cabin sat on or even the city where it was located, but neither had panned out. He’d tried several combinations of words. He had tried the month of their trip each year. The name of the first buck Josh brought down. Anything at all he could think of that might be related to that trip. 

Then, sitting in his cubby, a memory had crashed over him, an image flashing into his head. He was such an idiot. Deer wasn’t the hint. Little deer was. Whenever they would arrive at the cabin, they’d have to drive down this long private road to get to their destination. And at the entrance to that road, was a little deer cut-out staked into the ground. And burned into the deer was the name of the couple who owned the property: Everdeen. 

He should have waited until he was home. It was the smart thing to do. But he had to know if he was right. The computers at his job were unhackable. What was the worst that could happen? 

He’d stared at his screen—at that blinking black password box—for five whole minutes before typing each letter in, hands shaking, a heavy dread tugging at his stomach. He truly hadn’t known if he’d wanted to be right or wrong. 

But he’d been right. 

For approximately ninety seconds, Fen had been elated to unlock the rest of his brother’s final message, but that elation turned to despair so fast it made his head spin. Everything was a lie. 


Josh hadn’t died in an accident two weeks before his contract was up. He’d been murdered. By the company he worked for. A company Fen had known was dangerous. A company he’d begged Josh to stay away from.

Cerberus had a bad reputation. The private Blackwater-type private military contractor had changed names several times to try to outrun their controversial business dealings. 

Sure, they paid well—too well—but no amount of rebranding could hide why Cerberus paid almost three times more, per contract, than the average PMC. It wasn’t the highly sought after training as Josh claimed. It was their employees’ willingness to blindly carry out atrocities for the highest bidder.

Cerberus called them soldiers, but they were actually something far more brutal.


Killers for hire. 

Highly-trained specialized former soldiers, many of whom had been dishonorably discharged for misconduct, given access to money and weapons with little to no rules of engagement. 

Josh had taken the offer. He’d said he had no choice; his dishonorable discharge was a permanent stain on his military record. Never mind that it had been for having an affair with an admiral’s daughter. As far as employment went, he was a pariah. 

So, Josh had taken the job. He’d promised it would all be okay, that he would serve out his three-year contract and come home rich enough to take care of them both. He’d promised. But it wasn’t okay. 

It would never be okay again. 

Hot tears slid down Fen’s already scalding cheeks, sweat beading at his hairline and slipping down his spine until his thin pink button-down shirt started to cling to him. He tried to pull it together. He really did. But sobs just choked past the clenched fist pressed painfully against his teeth, only making him cry harder. He hated how emotional he was. And even though it had nothing to do with his secondary gender—he cried too much by even omega standards—his coworkers would use it to push their theories about why people like him didn't deserve to be in government spaces. 

If they caught him crying hysterically on the floor of an empty conference room, he’d probably be fired. At the very least, he’d be written up. He couldn’t afford either of those things. He couldn’t even afford lunch. 

A laugh bubbled past his lips before he snapped his mouth shut. Josh had left to make them rich, but Fen was more broke than ever. He had spent every last dime he had on his brother’s cremation. Cerberus had said Josh’s contract forfeited all monetary compensation in the event he violated their ‘rules.’ They claimed he was involved in illicit activities that resulted in his death. There was no proof, of course. 

“Classified, son. You work in security. You understand.” 

He did understand. He understood they were full of shit. His brother would never have participated in anything illegal, but that hardly mattered. There was nobody to tell. Nobody cared. And if they did, they certainly weren’t going up against Cerberus. 

So, that left Fen on his own in every sense of the word, so broke he couldn’t even afford the much-deserved mental breakdown threatening to overwhelm him right then and there. 

Just a month ago, everything was going his way. He had a highly coveted job with the NSA, his brother was finally coming home, and they would be living together in an apartment in Maryland. Everything Josh had promised. 

Now, his brother was dead— murdered—and Fen didn’t make nearly enough money to afford to keep the apartment his brother had worked so hard to afford for them. Fen couldn’t even contemplate having to look for another place to live. His whole life was unraveling so quickly.

He jumped as the conference room door crept open, and a guy about his age peeked around the door. When he spotted Fen, they both froze. Whoever he was, he was beautiful, slightly built with messy mahogany hair and wide hazel eyes. 

Clearly an omega like Fen. 

Even if he hadn’t been able to smell the boy’s crisp apple scent, his appearance would have given him away. All omegas were on the small side, slender, sleek. They packed on muscle differently than alphas or betas. 

It was just biology. 

When Fen had once made the mistake of asking his father why omegas were built differently, he’d snorted and said it made it easier for alphas to run them down for breeding. 

Fen wiped at his tears, trying to get a grip to assure the other guy he was fine. But before he could speak, the door shut once more, leaving him in silence again. 

Fen’s shoulders sagged in relief. At least the shock of seeing the stranger had seemed to finally stave off his seemingly endless supply of tears. 

His eyes burned and his nose was stuffy. He probably looked all red and splotchy.He let his head thud against the wall behind him, sucking in deep breaths, willing himself to calm down. There was no way he could return to his desk in this condition. Even with his scent blocker on, his distress would distract his co-workers and his boss would blame him…again.

He wiped his eyes with the heel of his hand, looking around for tissues or paper towels, anything to blow his nose and clean himself up. But there was nothing. He should have had his breakdown in one of the private omega bathrooms.

The door to the conference room opened again. The stranger was back. He had a tote bag over his shoulder. This time, he didn’t hesitate to enter. 

Once inside, he locked the door behind him and walked the few steps to Fen, sitting cross-legged before him, smiling at him like they were old friends. He had a pretty smile and two beauty marks on his cheek that looked like snake bites. 

Without a word, the smaller omega started unpacking the items from his bag. A bottle of water, a bag of peanut M&Ms, a box of tissues, and what looked like…concealer? Fen frowned, waiting for the other to speak. Instead, the stranger opened the bottle of water and wet a tissue, wiping it over his own neck. Fen watched, fascinated. Before he could even ask why he was removing his blocker, the other man brought his hand to the back of Fen’s head, pulling him into a hug, tilting his head to give him access to his scent gland. 

Fen sucked in a startled breath, chest tight at the selfless gesture. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, the apple pie scent instantly smoothing the jagged edges of his pain. What was happening? 

As they sat there, the boy hummed a quiet nameless tune, allowing Fen—a total stranger—to huff his scent like an anti-anxiety medication. And it was working. His heart rate slowed with each breath, his emotions stabilizing as the other omega pumped calming pheromones into the air. 

Fen had no idea how long they sat like that, but eventually, the other man pulled back, handing Fen the water, indicating he should drink. He took it and dutifully gulped down half the bottle, feeling almost drugged from the other omega’s scent. 

“I’m Seth,” he finally said. 

“Fen,” Fen replied, giving him a tired smile. 

Seth nodded. “I work in communications. I’m an interpreter. You?”

It took all Fen’s strength to pull himself out of the scent-induced stupor. “Cyber-Security and intelligence.”

Seth’s eyes went wide. “With all those alphas?” Then he wrinkled his button nose. “Ew. No, thank you.” He swiped his thumbs underneath Fen’s eyes, gently brushing his tears away. “You must be pretty badass.”

Fen fixed him with a flat stare. “What gave it away? The sobbing or the runny nose?”

Seth snickered, but then he grew serious. “What happened? Did someone do something to you? ‘Cause there are rules here. People can’t just push you around because—” 

“No.” Fen cut him off before he unleashed the tangent clearly building inside. “It’s nothing like that. It’s just…” Fen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “My brother died.” 

“Oh, my God,” Seth gasped, instantly yanking Fen forward again, shoving his face back into his neck. “You poor thing.” Unlike before, this time, Seth also buried his face in Fen’s neck. “You smell so sad. I bet you normally smell so pretty, but, right now, you smell like…dead flowers. Are you okay? Well, not okay, obviously, but like…do you need to go home? I can call you an Uber or…something?” 

Fen shook his head against Seth’s neck, unable to pull himself from the comfort of this adorably nosey stranger. So, he just embraced it, using the boy’s freely offered scent particles to fool his brain into relaxing. 

After a bit, Seth moved from in front of him to sit beside him, tearing open the packet of candy and offering it to Fen. When he gave Seth a look that indicated he was too tired to even lift his arms, Seth grinned, then began to feed him the candy. Fen let him, enamored with the pretty omega. When the candy was all gone, Fen dropped his head to Seth’s shoulder, a smile playing at his lips when he felt him rest his cheek in Fen’s blond hair. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home?” he asked. 

Fen nodded without lifting his head. “I need this job. My brother and I shared that apartment. Without him sending me money for rent, I’m kind of fucked.” 

“You can move in with me and San,” Seth said, like it was a perfectly normal thing to invite a stranger to move into your home. 

“What?” Fen lifted his head to frown at him. 

“Yeah, San and I share a three-bedroom apartment two blocks away. It’s not huge, but San just uses the third bedroom to store his art supplies. We’ve been looking for another roommate but it’s been…difficult.”

Fen’s brows knitted together. “I would think people would jump at the chance to live so close to DC. Is it the rent? Because I can’t afford a lot of money.”

Seth shook his head, his gaze sliding from Fen’s to stare straight ahead. “It’s…well, our living arrangement is…uncommon.”

“Uncommon? What are you, like, living in sin or something?” Fen asked, giving a humorless laugh.

“No, worse. I’m living with an alpha.” 

“How is that weird? Don’t most omegas date alphas?” Fen asked, trying to put the pieces together. 

Seth shook his head. “No, we’re not dating. He’s just a roommate.” 

“You’re letting an alpha live in your house? In your space? Where you keep your nest? How? Why? Isn’t that uncomfortable during…you know?” He dropped his voice to whisper. “Heats? Ruts?” 

Seth giggled. “This isn’t the old days. Lots of people with different secondary genders can live together now.”

“They can, but most don’t. It’s…dangerous.”

Seth nodded. “But San isn’t like other alphas.” 

Fen’s heart sank. He’d heard that before. This alpha’s different. He believes all genders are equal. Blah. Blah. Blah. “Yeah, sure.”

“No, I’m serious. We’ve been friends since middle school. Since way before we both presented. We always assumed we’d both be omegas, or at the very least betas. Being an alpha wasn’t even possible in our eyes. Especially for San. He’s the most gentle creature I know. He loves painting and poetry and he cries over sappy movies. Nobody was more surprised or more devastated to present as an alpha than San. If you think the prejudice against omegas is bad, you should see how they treat a non-traditional alpha. He was an outcast from the moment he presented.”

Fen swallowed the lump in his throat. “That sucks. Nobody should be made to feel less than for something so stupid.” 

Seth nodded. “I think it’s because all those alphas were secretly hoping to mate and breed with him. He doesn’t look like the typical alpha either. He’s tall and lean, willowy, long blond hair. A face so pretty he doesn’t seem real. He’s like some kind of mythical creature walking among us.” 

“You sure you don’t want to mate him?” Fen asked, his amusement obvious. 

Seth sighed wistfully. “We’re…incompatible in that respect. San is too soft for me. I’ll be damned if I ever let some alpha control what I do with my life—” His voice dropped down to a conspiratorial whisper. “But in the bedroom…let’s say I turn into a trad wife.” Fen barked out a laugh, watching as Seth’s cheeks flushed, but then he smiled, revealing two deep dimples in his soft cheeks. “What? I can’t help that I wanna be bossed around a little. There’s just something about an alpha when he’s all teeth and claws, you know?”

Fen didn’t know. His experience with sex was limited. His experience with heat and rut sex was non-existent. “I…yeah, I’m on suppressants, so I don’t have to really worry about…that.” 

That? Fenny, are you a virgin?” Seth teased. 

Fen sucked in a breath. “My brother used to call me that.” 

Seth’s eyes went wide. “Oh, jeez. I’m—”

Fen held up his hand. “No, it’s okay. I…I liked it.”

Seth’s shoulders sagged, his relief obvious. Maybe Josh had sent this random stranger to get him through this. 

“So, are you a virgin, Fenny?”

Fen rolled his eyes, his whole body hot. “No. Shut up. Why are we even talking about this?” 

Seth laughed again, the sound musical in Fen’s ears. “You brought it up.” 

“Oh, right.” 

“Come to dinner with us tonight. You’ll see San isn’t like other alphas. For real. Even if you don’t want to live with us, come have dinner with us. You smell so…lonely.” 

Fen’s chest tightened, his throat suddenly thick with tears. He forced them down again. He couldn’t just sit and cry in a conference room all day. “Yeah. Yeah, okay.” 

“Really?” Seth asked. When Fen nodded, he launched himself at him, bowling him onto the floor and lying on top of him as if that was a perfectly acceptable thing to do to a stranger. Seth had no concept of boundaries whatsoever. 

“What are you doing?” Fen asked when Seth made no move to get up. 

“I’m a human weighted blanket. It’s soothing,” Seth answered, voice muffled against Fen’s neck. “Do you not feel soothed?”

“My weighted blanket doesn’t have elbows,” Fen complained without heat. 

When Seth didn’t budge, Fen let himself relax underneath him. It only took a minute or two before their heartbeats sank up, his lids growing heavy, the reassuring heat of Seth’s body not too much or too little. 

Fen woke when someone gently shook his shoulder. He blinked slowly until all his memories rushed back in at once, like someone had opened the floodgates. He sat up straight, staring at Seth in horror. “How long was I out?” 

“Like fifteen minutes, I promise. Just long enough for me to hide your puffy eyes with some concealer and apply some more blocker to your scent glands. At least now, you don’t smell like an omega in distress. We don’t work with your run-of-the-mill alphas. These guys are all high on their own pheromones. They’ll lose their shit if you go in there smelling like you did. Now, you smell like you again.” Seth nuzzled his neck. “Honeysuckle and…daisies? It’s so nice.” 

“Your scent’s nice, too.” 

Seth rolled his eyes. “My scent is boring. Maybe that’s why alphas pay no attention to me.”

Fen looked over the boy with his golden skin, full lips, rounded cheeks, and snake bite beauty marks. “There’s no way alphas aren’t lined up around the block for you.” 

Seth shrugged. 

Fen narrowed his eyes. “You don’t want alphas looking at you, you little liar. What do you do? Huh? Do you scent yourself with your alpha roomie’s clothes so guys think they don’t stand a chance with you?” 

Seth gave him a sulky look. “Whatever. Nosey.” 

Fen laughed, his first real genuine laugh in weeks. “I’m nosey? Okay.” 

Seth made eye contact and they both laughed again. Finally, Seth threw his arms around Fen once more, hugging him tight. “Please, come to dinner with me and San. I know you’ll love him. You’re…we’re meant to be…friends. I can feel it.” 

Seth said friends, but it was so clear he’d wanted to say pack. Fen would have given anything to have a pack to lean on. But it had never seemed like a thing he could have. 

Fen pretended to think about it for another minute, but he’d known he was going to go the moment Seth had offered. He didn’t have many options; Maryland wasn’t cheap. When he nodded, Seth squealed with delight. 

“You’re going to love San, I just know it.”

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